Portable Generator Rentals for Your Events, Emergencies & Limos

There are lots of special occasions that mean inviting bigger groups of people over to your home, business, or even separate venue.  Days such as weddings, anniversaries, prom, graduations, religious milestones, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and more often mean that you will have to plan out entertainment for everyone.  Celebrations can turn messy very quick when your guests become bored or don’t have sufficient outdoor lighting to see during the evening (creating a trip hazard.)  Two of the most important items you should put on your ordering list for the next big event is a reliable power generator rental and safe drivers for the trip.  At House of Portable Generators, we can help you make the responsible choice when it comes to portable energy generators and chauffeur services for your best celebration planning yet.

Especially if you have a local festival, participate in farmers’ markets, or other activities such as those there is no guarantee that your venue will have power outlets.  Parks and sport fields are some of the biggest offenders of being unplugged; however, they are among the most popular destinations for summer gatherings.  For even smaller jobs, House of Portable Generators has a beautifully maintained unit for every type of need whether it be residential, commercial, or for events.  No party could be complete without music– even the easy listening varieties.  So don’t miss out on our great generator offers in stock.

The top reason that we at House of Generators receive calls after hours is because our local community members need Michigan Generator Rentals during emergency situations.  There are lots of things that could cause your electricity to go out, but that does not mean you have to wait.  There is no time to waste when a power outage can mean spoiled food in the fridge or freezer, as well as no cooking appliances or modern electric water heater usage.  Our electricity is no longer a luxury and when it goes out during emergency situations, you’ll need a quick fix to help maintain your essential home needs.  Luckily we promise to pick up our phones and answer your calls no matter what hour of the night because we understand that each customer’s individual situation should be considered, especially when a shortage of energy can mean additional potential damages when the problem is left neglected.

House of Portable Generator Rentals also has one of the best selections of luxury transportation fleets available in our local area.  There are too many good folks who make the wrong decision to get in the driver’s seat of a car after celebrating a little bit too profusely.  We all know that one family member or friend who just doesn’t know when to put their glass down, but are adamant on driving themselves.  Our great selection of party buses, limousines, chauffeuring, and more is guaranteed be an experience much above regular transportation and keeps unsafe drivers off the roads.  Our drivers are all licensed, insured, and have a special knack for friendly customer service you just can’t get anywhere else limogrossepointe.com– wedding bachelor service. Schedule with us today.